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ROTONDA shade luminaires

ROTONDA shade luminaires reveal their full shine and elegance with the most advanced LED lighting technology

ROTONDA LED shade luminaires have a great capacity and radiate their brilliance, lending restaurants, bars and hotel lobbies a comfortable lounge atmosphere. Colourful materials and foils come together beautifully.

As a pendant or ceiling light, LED ROTONDA shade luminaires offer many advantages compared with the compact lamp version, which they have now completely replaced.

ROTONDA shade luminaires create elegant comfort and are also available as individual pieces with special colours and other materials.

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TENDO 2 LED lighting system

TENDO 2 LED system technology blends beautifully into the architecture of the Marienkirche in Cottbus, Germany

The TENDO 2 rectangle of light floats in the centre nave of the Marienkirche, equipped with the most advanced LED lighting technology.

In the two side cloisters, CLEAR LED ceiling lights provide accents with direct and indirect light distribution.

The successful design and implementation of this lighting technology were planned and achieved by Mr Michael Langner of EPP Lichtplanung und Projektierung GmbH from Lübbenau, Germany.

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TZ-60 lighting channels

TZ-60 lighting channels set the stage for a financial institution in Finland

From the roof, TZ-60 cast built-in channels and cast individual luminaires provide structure and create an interesting lighting effect in the various office areas of a fiscal authority in the metropolis of Helsinki, Finland.

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TZ-200 cove lighting

TZ cove lighting and lighting channels in Guildford, London

London architect, Triglyph, planned this extraordinary lighting on two roof levels, positioned one on top of the other, using round TZ-200 cove lighting fixtures and TZ-100 lighting channels in the reception area of Guildford's London Square Grade A office building , right in the heart of the city centre.

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