The ingeniously simple linear system for installation in hollow ceilings and walls.

- Plasterboard channel for seamless installation

- TZ-55 with high efficiency

- TZ-56 with uniform illumination

- 2 optics, satinised acrylic (PUBLIC) or anti-glare (OFFICE)

- LED or T16 lighting modules

- length individually configurable

- optional emergency lighting components

- direct light distribution

Various optics


Satinised acrylic diffusor for all areas of general lighting.


Prismatic anti-glare diffusor for office environments and computer workstations

Recessed mounting channel

Gypsum installation channel for seamless integration in plasterboard ceilings and walls.

Individual Configuration

Different connectors and lighting modules in individual lengths for LED in steps of just 140mm and for T16 in steps of 300mm are all in the standard configuration.



three light colors

Flexible controls


Nearly all SCHMITZ products are available with DALI components to be controlled and dimmed easily. For the majority of luminaires, Touch-DIM functionality is available.

Emergency lighting

Lighting units with integrated batteries for emergency lighting are part of the standard TZ-55/56 toolkit. Other emergency lighting equipment is available on request and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Simple Planning

The modular nature of our linear lighting systems allows for simple planning, quick and exact cost calculation and fast delivery for your individual lighting solution.

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